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Tracing the Gervais Lineage
Rochefort, Aunis, France to Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Jean Huret dit Rochefort to Gladys Gervais
As of August 2004

The following is an outline of the lineage of Gladys Gervais beginning with her ancestor Jean Huret dit Rochefort.

Dit Names The acquiring of a “dit” name may have been the result of a casual adoption whereby the person wanted to honor the family who had raised them or to distinguish themselves by taking as a “dit” name the town or village in France from which they originated e.g. Huret dit Rochefort. Incidentally, the Huret surname is seen with the variants of Uret/Huret/Hurette/Duret/Durette/Luret/Lurette singly, or coupled with “dit Rochefort”; often times within the same family group.

The first known ancestors of Gladys Agla, nee Gervais, were Jean Huret dit Rochefort and Madeleine Judic dit Rencontre. Little is known about them except that they probably were born in, or near, Rochefort, La Rochelle, Aunis France about 1636 and 1637 respectively; married about 1660 in France; and emigrated to Port Royali, Acadia, New France after 1667 when, by the Treaty of Breda, Acadia was returned by England to France. Their only known child was Bernard Huret dit Rochefort. Of interest is the fact that between the late 1600s and the late 1800s Gladys’ ancestors migrated from Port Royal, to L’ Ange Gardien, Que then along the St Lawrence River and Great Lakes to Stoney Point, Ont. There is no mention of the family in the 1671 census of Port Royal That having been said, much still has to be done to verify known and discover unknown details.

Jean Huret dit Rochefort
  • Born, about 1636, Rochefort, La Rochelle, Aunis, France.
  • Died, Port Royal, d’Acadie, New France.

Madeleine Judic dit Rencontre
  • Born, about 1637, Rochefort, La Rochelle, Aunis, France.
  • Died, Port Royal, d’Acadie, New France.

Married, about 1660, Rochefort, La Rochelle, Aunis, France.
Child: Bernard Huret dit Rochefort.

Bernard Huret dit Rochefort was born about 1670 at St. Jean Baptiste, Port Royal. He migrated from Port-Royal, to L’ Ange Gardien on the St-Lawrence River. He then moved with a young family to Ile D’Orleans and eventually to Montmagnyii, Que where he resided for 49 years. L’Ange Gardien, Ile D’Orleans and Montmagny are all slightly downriver from Quebec, Que. Bernard died before 1739 at Montmagny. He first married Marie Fiset in 1690 in Notre Dame Cathedral, Quebec, Que. Marie Fiset died 19 September 1710 at Montmagny, Que. Bernard then married Marguerite Marie Lavergne dit Renaud in 1711 at St Thomas, Montmagny, Que. Marguerite was the daughter of Marguerite Daniau or Dagneau dit d’Ancosse) and Arnould Renaud Lavergne. She was born in 1694 at Montmagny, Que and died in 1773 at St-Cuthbert, Que, having married Laurent Buart upon Bernard’s death. There were ten children from the marriage of Bernard and Marie Fiset born in Ile D’Orleans and Montmagny between 1692 and 1710. There were 11 children from the marriage of Bernard and Marguerite Lavergne born in between 1712 and 1734. It is believed that Louis Couillard, son of Guillaume Couillard, Lord of Espinay, accompanied by some colonists, established themselves at Pointe-à-la Caille in 1670 and that Bernard received land at St-Thomas de Montmagny, on 16 October 1716, located on the seigniory of the Lord Couillard. What prompted Bernard to move from Port Royal to L’ Ange Gardien to Montmagny is unknown.

Bernard Huret dit Rochefort
  • Mother, Madeleine Judic dit Rencontre.
  • Father, Jean Huret dit Rochefort.
  • Born, about 1670, St. Jean Baptiste, Port Royal, d’Acadie.
  • Died, before 1739/11/12, (or between 1750 and 1753) Montmagny, Que.
  • Spouse 1, Marie Fiset.
  • Spouse 2, Marguerite Lavergne.
  • Widowed, 1710/09/19 on the death of Marie Fiset.

Marguerite-Marie Lavergne dit Renaud
  • Mother, Marguerite Daniau (Dagneau dit d’Ancosse).
  • Father, Arnould Renaud Lavergne.
  • Born, 1694/08/23, Saint-Thomas, Montmagny, Que.
  • Died, 1773/11/22, St-Cuthbert, Que.
  • Widowed 1739, she remarried before 1753 one Laurent Buard;
Married Marie Fiset, 1690/07/31, in Notre Dame Cathedral, Quebec, Que
Married Marguerite Lavergne, 1711/11/16, St Thomas, Montmagny, Que
Children: Gabriel Rochefort dit Gervais, one of 21 or more siblings and stepsiblings.

It would seem that Gabriel Hurette or Luret dit Rochefort or Rochefort dit Gervais was the only one of several siblings to incorporate the name Gervais in his surname. He was born in 1727 at St-Anne-de- la-Pérade, Champlain, Que, a village slightly downriver from Trois Rivieres and some distance from Montmagny that in 1723 had 25 houses. His godparents were Joachim Goudin and Marie Boisvert. What his mother was doing in La Pérade is unknown. He died after 1764 at Chateauguay, Queiii, a locale in the Montreal area. He married Marie Madeleine Leboeuf, the daughter of, Louise-Angélique Gendron and Jean Baptiste Leboeuf. Marie was born about 1732 and died after 1764 at Chateauguay, Que. Gabriel and Marie married in 1750 at Chateauguay, Que which, at the time, was a sparsely populated seigniory belonging to Zacharie Robutel de la Noue. Children of the marriage included Marie-Louise, Jean Baptiste, Gabriel, and Louise; although. Louise's mother may have been Marie-Anne Leboeuf. Gladys’ ancestor was Jean Baptiste Luret Rochefort Gervais, the first of four to carry the name Jean Baptiste.

Gabriel Rochefort dit Gervais
  • Mother, Marguerite Lavergne dit Renaud.
  • Father, Bernard Huret dit Rochefort.
  • Born, 1727/05/11, Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade Que.
  • Died, after 1764, Châteauguay, Que.

Marie Madeleine Leboeuf.
  • Mother, Louise-Angélique Gendron.
  • Father, Jean Baptiste Leboeuf.
  • Born, about 1732.
  • Died, after1764, Châteauguay, Que
Married, 1750/11/16, Châteauguay, Que.
Children: Marie-Louise, Jean Baptiste, Gabriel, Louise.
Louise’s mother may have been Marie-Anne Leboeuf.

Jean Baptiste Gervais (1). Was born in 1753 at Chateauguay, Que and died after 1809. He married Marie Josephte Arcouet dit Lajeuness in 1775 at St-Joachim-de-Châteauguay (co. de Châteauguay), Qué, the daughter of Genevieve Dureau dit Poitevin and Joseph Arcouet dit Lajeunesse. Marie was born In 1753 at St-Maurice, Que and died after 1809. Jean and Marie were married in 1775 at Chateaguay, Que.

Jean Baptiste Gervais (1).
  • Mother, Marie Madeleine Leboeuf.
  • Father, Gabriel Rochefort dit Gervais.
  • Born 1753/10/13 at Chateauguay. Que.
  • Died, after 1809.

Marie Josephte Arçouet dit Lajeuness.
  • Mother, Genevieve Dureau dit Poitevin.
  • Father, Joseph Arceriete Arçouet.
  • Born, 1753/04/12, St.-Maurice, Que.
  • Died, after 1809.
Married, 1775/09/25 25 SEP 1775 in St-Joachim-de-Châteauguay (co. de Châteauguay), Qué
Children: Jean Baptiste (2).

Jean Baptiste Gervais (2) was born after 1775 and died after 1811. He married Catherine Mercier in 1809 at St-Joseph-de-Soulanges [Les Cèdres] (co. de Soulanges), Que. Catherine was born in 1788 at Les Cèdres, Que Their child Jean Baptiste (3) was Gladys’ ancestor.

Jean Baptiste Gervais (2).
  • Mother, Marie Josephte Arçouet dit Lajeunesse.
  • Father, Jean Baptiste Gervais (1).
  • Born, after 1775.
  • Died, after 1811.
Catherine Mercier.
  • Mother, unknown.
  • Father, unknown
  • Born, 1788, Les Cèdres, Que.
  • Died, after 1811.
Married, 1809/11/06, St-Joseph-de-Soulanges [Les Cèdres] (co. de Soulanges), Québec.
Children: Jean Baptiste (3).

Jean Baptiste Gervais (3) was born in 1811 at Ile Perrôt, Que and died in 1887 at Stoney Point, Ont. He first married Marie Auger in 1833 at St Timothee, Que. Marie was the daughter of Josette Daoust and Pierre Auger. Jean Baptiste (3) subsequently married Marie Josephte Branchaud in 1851 at St-Clement de Beauharnois. She was the widow of Jean Baptiste Gendron dit Joson. Marie-Josephte Branchaud was born on 24 April 1817 at St-Joachim, Chateauguay, Que and died 24 February 1898 at St-Joachim, Ont. (No mention in the 1871 census for Ontario or the 1881 census for Canada). Her first spouse was Jean-Baptiste Gendron dit Joson whom she married on 23 February 1835 in St-Clément de Beauharnois, Que. A child of Marie-Josephte Branchaud and Jean-Baptiste Gendron dit Joson was Jean-Baptiste Gendron.who was born 29 October 1837 at St-Clément, Beauharnois, Que and died 7 June 1907 in Michigan. NTF, Repertoire Des Mariages De Saint-Clement de Beauharnois, 1818 to 1968. At least three other children of this union died at an early ageiv.

Jean Baptiste Gervais (3).
  • Mother, Catherine Mercier.
  • Father, Jean Baptiste Gervais (2).
  • Born, 1811/07/06, Ile Perrôt, Que.
  • Died,1887/05/02, Stoney Point, Ont. No headstone found.
  • (Spouse 1, Marie Auger. Spouse 2, Marie-Josephte Branchaud.

Marie Auger.
  • Mother, Josette Daoust.
  • Father, Pierre Auger.
  • Born, unknown.
  • Died, before 1851.
Married Marie Auger, 1833/02/18, St Timothee, Que.
Married Marie Josephte Branchaud, 1851/02/04, St-Clement de Beauharnois
Children: Jean Baptiste (4).

Jean Baptiste Gervais (4) was born in 1832 at St Timothee, Que and died in 1916 at Stoney Point, Ont. He first married Marcelline Lariver before 1871. date and place of birth are unknown, however, she died on 22 October 1877 at Stoney Point, Ont. Based upon the 1891 Census for Ontariov,it is probable that she and Jean Baptiste Gervais (3) spent some time in Michigan before settling in Stoney Point, Ont. Subsequently he marriedvi Théotiste Desjarlais (Dajarlas) in 1878 at Annunciation Church, Stoney Point, Ont. Théotiste was the daughter of Suzanne (Suzean) Mailloux and Alexandre Desjarlais. Jean Baptiste and Alexander had adjoining farms in Tilbury (West) Township. Théotiste was born in 1846 at Assumption, Ont and died in 1912 at Stoney Point, Ont?. They had four children Dina, Albert, Harvey, Ovila. The 1901 Canada Census shows John age 68, Théotiste age 54, Dina age 21, Harvey age 16 and Ovila age 14.

Jean Baptiste Gervais (4).
  • Mother, Marie Auger.
  • Father, Jean Baptiste Gervais (3).
  • Born, 1832/07/15, St Timothee, Beauharnois, Que.
  • Died, 1916/12/23, Stoney Point, Ont?
  • Spouse 1, Marcelline Lariver. Spouse 2, Théotiste Desjarlais.

Théotiste Desjarlais (Dajarlas).
  • Mother, Suzanne (Suzean) Mailloux.
  • Father, Alexandre Desjarlais.
  • Born, 1846/10/06 Assumption, Ont.
  • Died, 1912/01/07. Stoney Point?
Married Marcelline Lariver, before 1871.
Married Théotiste Desjarlais, 1878/03/04 Annunciation Church, Stoney Point, Ont.
Children: Dina, Albert, Harvey, Ovila.

Ovila Achille Gervais was born in 1886 at Stoney Point, Ont. He died in 1980 at Windsor, Ont. Ovila married Émilie (Millie) Meloche in 1914 at Saint Alphonse Church, Windsor, Ont. Émilie was the daughter of Josephine Lesperance and Alphonse Meloche. She was born in 1892 and died in 1982 at Windsor, Ont

Ovila Achille Gervais.
  • Mother, Théotiste Desjarlais.
  • Father, Jean Baptiste Gervais (4).
  • Born, 1886/08/06 Stoney Point, Ont.
  • Died, 1980/01/21, Windsor, Ont.

Émilie (Millie) Meloche.
  • Mother, Josephine Lesperance.
  • Father, Alphonse Meloche.
  • Born,1892/09/20.
  • Died, 1982/04/15 89 Windsor, Ont.
Children: Della, Gladys.

Ross Earle Agla.
  • Mother, Emma Louise Wheeler.
  • Father, Adrian Agla.
  • Born, 1912/12/17 Walkerville, Ont.
  • Died, 1984/10/11, Chatham, Ont.

Gladys Gervais.
  • Mother, Millie Meloche.
  • Father, Ovila Gervais.
  • Born, 1915/11/23 Walkerville, Ont.
  • Died, 1996/09/29, Windsor Regional Hospital.
Married, 1935/11/02, St Anne’s Church, Walkerville, Ont.
Children: Joan Arlene, Barbara June, Rosemary Adrienne, James Ross

i Port-Royal was established in the summer of 1605 on the north shore of the Annapolis Basin near the mouth of the Annapolis River by a French colonizing expedition led by Pierre du Gua de Monts and Samuel de Champlain. The habitation consisted of buildings grouped around a central courtyard. Hopes for a prosperous colony were disappointed, however, and the site was abandoned in the summer of 1607. The colony was re-established in 1610 by one of the original colonists, Biencourt de Poutrincourt, but the habitation was destroyed 3 years later by English freebooter Samuel Argall. In 1629 Sir William Alexander established a Scottish colony there, but in 1632, following the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the French repossessed the area. Although the buildings were rudimentary, Port-Royal remained the earliest European settlement of any permanence in North America north of St Augustine, Florida When retaken by the English in 1654, Port-Royal had a population of about 200; at the time of the conquest (1759-60) it was about 350.

ii Montmagny, Qué is located on the South shore of the St Lawrence River, some 50 km downriver from Québec City, at the junction of the St-Nicholas R and the Rivière du Sud. It is named for Charles Huault, Sieur de Montmagnay, the second governor of New France. Jacques Cartier passed Montmagny and its many offshore islands in 1535 and noted its beautiful surroundings. In 1646 a seigneury containing the area was granted to Huault, although permanent European habitation did not begin until the 1670s. Montmagny was a thriving pulp and paper centre at the time of its official founding, although this and the river transportation industries were severely affected by the Great Depression. Recently, the tourist industry has grown in importance.

iii The Châteauguay River Valley, several miles to the south-west of Montréal on the south shore of the St-Lawrence River, is an area rich in the history of Québec. In the 1673, the governor of New France granted part of the region to Charles Lemoyne, Sieur de Longueuil. This grant, measuring 6 miles wide and 9 miles deep, was centered on the mouth of the Châteauguay River and became known as the Seigniory of Châteauguay. Another large portion, measuring 18 miles on a side, located on the southwest side of the Seigniory of Châteauguay was granted in 1729 to Sieur Charles, Marquis de Beauharnois and his brother Claude. This grant became known as Seigniory of Beauharnois and a large part of it was later to form the southwest portion of today’s County of Châteauguay. The Seigneurie of Châteauguay changed hands several times after Lemoyne's death in 1685 and in the 1760s it was acquired by its final owners, the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre-Dame, better known as the Gray Nuns. In a similar manner, the Seigniory of Beauharnois, was acquired in 1795 by a wealthy London merchant, Alexander Ellice and passed on to his heirs in the early 1800s. In 1760, France lost Canada to the British. During the early 1800's the area began to be settled by the Scots and English. French-Canadian habitant from other parts of Lower Canada (as Quebec was then known) expanded into the region. In the upper Valley, some American squatters settled and logged the extensive forests.

iv 1877 - Henriette Gervais, the child of J. Baptiste and Josephine Blanchault d. 18 Nov, age 2 mo. NTF, Mariages & Sepultures, L’Annonciation de Pointe-aux-Roches, 1867-1983
1878 - Anonyme Gervais, the child of J. Baptiste and Josephine Blanchault d. 13 Dec, age 1 yr. NTF, Mariages & Sepultures, L’Annonciation de Pointe-aux-Roches, 1867-1983
1886 - Henri Gervais, the child of J. Baptiste d. 26 May, age ?. NTF, Mariages & Sepultures, L’Annonciation de Pointe-aux-Roches, 1867-1983

v 1891 - The 1891 Census for Ontario, p.27, D-62, Tilbury West, lists Jean Baptiste, 59, Que, Farmer; Téotisse, 44; Angelique, 20, US; Marcelline, 16, Ont; Dina 11; Harvey 6; and Ovila 4. His first wife was Marie Marcelline Lariver, DOD 1877/10/22, age 39, DOM before 1874. Mother of Marcelline, Theodore and Abraham, all later of Detroit. NTF, It is possible that Marcelline Lariver died giving birth to Henri Gervais

vi NTF, 2330-78 (Essex Co): John GERVAIS, 43, widower, farmer, Beauharnois Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o Jean Bap. GERVAIS & Marie AUGER, married Theotisse DESJARLAIS, 31, Tilbury West, same, d/o Alexander DESJARLAIS & Susane MAILLOUX, witn: Philippe LADOUCEUR & Fannie DESJARLAIS, both of Tilbury West, 4 March 1878 at Tilbury West (Rom Cath)