Thursday, November 17, 2016

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Feb 01, 2014
John Mather.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the work you have completed. By accident, prayer, stubborness and obstinence, I found your site. Margaret and John are my G.G.Grandparents. I believe my granddaughter is 12th generation. Please e-mail
Doris Mae Small (Winters-Mather)

Mar 23, 2015
Good Morning Sir:
Thank you for the gift of connection. John and Margaret are my G. G. Grandparents. Adam and Mary Elizabeth are my G. Grandparents. Are we connected - and if so how? I know of Adam and Mary's children. I am presently researching and writing Mary's life story. I wait a reply.
Small_12 - Born Winters-Mather.

Mar 23, 2015
Hi ... your ggfather Adam and my ggmother Janet were mother and sister ... could you please send me a message using a personal e-mail ... I would love to exchange more information ... Jim

Hello Jim: Thank you for your reply to my message to you. I usually send the first message carefully. i was so pleased and excited to find additional info on GG John, that I missed the cinnection identity. Please reply to:

Aug 31, 2016
Hi Doris,
Finally made a connection on Ancestry DNA, hope all is well.
Regards, Jim

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Sep 02, 2016
Sept. 02, 2016
Good Morning Jim:
Hope you are having a good day! Thank you so very much for your work on my behalf. What a grand family we share and it just keeps growing. The DNA route has increased so many possibilities. Interesting, my mother Mildred Jane Winters (Mather), always said "Mathers". I thought it was in the way one says the "Mathers Family", using the plural. Please keep in touch. Doris