Sunday, March 1, 2015

Germain Doucet, Sieur de La Verdure

Germain Doucet dit Laverdure (1595 - 1654)
9th great grandfather of wife
Pierre Doucet (1621 - 1713), son of Germain Doucet dit Laverdure
Anne Doucet (1661 - 1710), daughter of Pierre Doucet
Augustin Rene Hebert (1688 - ), son of Anne Doucet
Amand Hebert (1731 - 1807), son of Augustin Rene Hebert
Jean Baptiste Hebert (1772 - 1830), son of Amand Hebert
Cecile Hebert (1810 - 1834), daughter of Jean Baptiste Hebert
Olivier Lesperance (1831 - 1901), son of Cecile Hebert
Marie Josephine Lesperance (1868 - 1955), daughter of Olivier Lesperance
Émilie (Millie) Meloche (1892 - 1982), daughter of Marie Josephine Lesperance
Gladys Gervais (1915 - 1996), daughter of Émilie (Millie) Meloche
Barbara June Agla (1942 - ), daughter of Gladys Gervais

Germain Doucet, Sieur de La Verdure (born around 1595 near Couperans en Brye[1] (most likely Coubron northeast of Paris), France) was a French commander in the French colony of Acadia[2].

Doucet's career began when he entered into an association with Charles de Menou d'Aulnay[3], noted seaman, captain, and future governor of Acadia[4]. In 1632, he arrived in Acadia[5] with the governor Isaac de Razilly[6]. He served as master of arms of Fort Pentagouet[7] (now Castine, Maine[8]) as a major. After the death of d'Aulnay[9] in 1650, Doucet became commandant serving at the French fort of Port Royal (now Annapolis Royal[10]). Under Major General[11] Robert Sedgwick[12], the English captured the fort on August 15, 1654. Under the terms of the surrender, Doucet was forced to leave Acadia[13] for good, and returned to France. Both his sons Pierre and Germain and his daughter Marguerite stayed behind, however.[2] Pierre married, in 1660, Henriette Pelletret, by whom he had issue. Germain married Marie Landry, and Marguerite married Abraham Dugas.[3] The name of Germain's wife is uncertain, although some genealogists suggest she may have been Marie Bourgeois.[3]