Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Israel Hill

 Israel Hill was born on 17 Aug 1719 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA, and died on 25 Aug 1777 in Oakham, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA (Died during the relief of Fort Schuyler.). He married Beriah Latham on 27 Jun 1748 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA. and was employed as a Blacksmith.

Israel Hill. Enlisted May 15, 1777, in Capt. Reed's Co, Col Alden's Regt, for a term of three years in the Continental Army. He was killed August 25, 1777, while on the expedition for the relief of Fort Schuyler. The Widow Beriah Hill received from the town of Oakham his bounty of £20, April 13, 1778. Notice of her appointment as administratrix was published July 9, 1778 and on July 29, his estate was sold at auction, consisting of between five and seven acres of land lying on the county road from Rutland to Hardwick, with a dwelling house and a frame for a blacksmith shop. He had also one pair of blacksmith's bellows, a sledge, vise, tongs, and shop tools. In April 1777, he had forbidden all persons trusting his wife on his account, as, besides other and worse offences, she had sold many articles of her wearing apparel and "had threatened to destroy all his interest."

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

June versus aesops59

June and aesops59 have as common ancestors both:

  • Martin Agla (1829 - 1909), June's 2nd great grandfather; and 
  • Pierre Meloche (1701 - 1760), June's 9th great grandfather.

In the case of Martin Agla:

  • Martin begat Melinda Agla, who begat Minnie Thomson, who begat Helen Lockwood, who begat Deborah Meloche, who begat aesops59: whereas 
  • Martin begat John Ezra, who begat Adrian, who begat Ross Earle, who begat June.

In the case of Pierre Meloche:

  • Pierre begat Pierre, who begat Simon, who begat Daniel, who begat Henry, who begat Francis, who begat Lawrence, who begat Deborah Meloche, who begat aesops59: whereas 
  • Pierre begat Francois, who begat Jean Baptiste, who begat Benjamin, who begat Joseph Alphonse, who begat Emilie, who begat Gladys Gervais, who begat June.