Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Francoise Garnier

June's Amerindian ancestor.

There is the belief in some genealogical circles that Francoise Grenier (Garnier), an ancestor of June's, was an Algonquin Metis who was born in the Hochelaga area, was the wife of Noel Langlois dit Boisverdum, and the mother of several children, including Anne and Marguerite Langlois. She died in 1665.

In 1635 she was one of some 31 women living in Kebec. Another four of the women were also June's ancestors, namely, Anne Ardouin, wife of Jacques Badeau; Xainte Dupont, wife of Zacharie Cloutier; Mathurine Madeleine Robin wife of Jean Guton (Guyon) (Dion) dit du Buisson; and Helene Desportes wife of Guillaume Hebert.

On 2 Sep 1637, at Kebec, Francoise gave birth to Anne Langlois, Metis, who married Jean Pelletier, at Kebec, on 9 Nov 1649, at the age of twelve.

On 3 Sep 1639 at Kebec, Francoise gave birth to Marguerite Langlois, Metis, who married Paul Vachon, at Kebec, on 22 Oct 1653, Kebec Paul Vachon, at the age of 14.

June's relationship to Anne and Marguerite is as follows:

Anne Langlois (1637 - 1704)
daughter of Francoise Grenier

Rene Peltier (1659 - 1713)
son of Anne Langlois

Pierre Peltier (1700 - 1744)
son of Rene Peltier

Andre Peltier (1737 - 1822)
son of Pierre Peltier

Brigitte Peltier (1793 - )
daughter of Andre Peltier

Benjamin Meloche (1815 - 1889)
son of Brigitte Peltier

Joseph Alphonse Meloche (1866 - 1926)
son of Benjamin Meloche

Émilie (Millie) Meloche (1892 - 1982)
daughter of Joseph Alphonse Meloche

Gladys Gervais (1915 - 1996)
daughter of Émilie (Millie) Meloche

Barbara June Agla (1942 - )
daughter of Gladys Gervais
Marguerite Langlois (1639 - 1697)
daughter of Francoise Grenier

Vincent Vachon dit Laminee (1660 - 1716)
son of Marguerite Langlois

Marie Louise Vachon (1696 - 1749)
daughter of Vincent Vachon dit Laminee

Joseph Mailloux (1725 - 1778)
son of Marie Louise Vachon

Joseph Mailloux (1766 - 1834)
son of Joseph Mailloux

Antoine Mailloux Pte (1792 - 1875)
son of Joseph Mailloux

Suzanne Mailloux (1825 - 1905)
daughter of Antoine Mailloux Pte

Théotiste Desjarlais (1846 - 1912)
daughter of Suzanne Mailloux

Achille Oliva Gervais (1886 - 1980)
son of Théotiste Desjarlais

Gladys Gervais (1915 - 1996)
daughter of Achille Oliva Gervais

Barbara June Agla (1942 - )
daughter of Gladys Gervais