Thursday, September 20, 2012

Filles du Roi

The King's Daughters (French: filles du roi; filles du roy) is a term used to refer to the approximately 800 young French women who immigrated to New France between 1663 and 1673 as part of a program sponsored by Louis XIV. The program was designed to boost Canada's population both by encouraging male immigrants to settle there, and by promoting marriage, family formation and the birth of children.

The following 24 “King’s Daughters” are ancestors of June. 

Trois-Rivieres Area

De Charmesnil, Francoise Charles, m.  17 Oct 1667, Jean Gelinas,  at Cap-De-La-Madeleine.

Lefebvre, Marie, m.  16 Nov 1671, (Dowry of 350 pounds), Andre Marsil dit L'Epagnol, at Trois-Rivieres.

Lenoir, Antoinette, m. 18 Jul 1701, Jean Arcouet, at Batiscan. Jean was a Carignan soldier.

Manchon, Marguerite, m. 22 Jan 1663, Sebastien Provencher, at Champlain.

Quebec Area

Aubert, Elizabeth, m. 29 Sep 1670,  Aubin Lambert dit Champagne. Aubin was a Carignan soldier.

Barre, Catherine, m. 11 Jan 1665, Mathurin Chaille, at Quebec.

Charpentier, Marie-Reine, m. 28 Jul 1672, Louis Prinseau, at Quebec.

Crosnier, Martine, m. 18 Nov 1669 Philippe Destroismaison, at Chateau-Richer.

De La Houge, Marie Claire, m. 27 Nov 1669, Francois Sedilot dit Montreuil, at Quebec.

Dodin, Anne, m. 19 Aug 1669,  Jean Mouflet dit Champagne, at Quebec.

Le Francois, Francoise, m. 19 Oct 1671, (350 pound dowry), Francois Lavergne, at Quebec.

Lefebvre,  Antoinette, m. 9 Nov 1671, (450 pound dowry), Hilaire Limousin dit Beaufort, at Quebec, Hilaire was a Carigan soldier.

Michaud, Marie-Louise, m. 10 Sep 1670, Daniau, Jean, dit Laprise, at Quebec.

Pelletier,  Marie, m. 7 Oct 1669, Mathurin Renaud, at Quebec.

Rigault, Genevieve, m. 11 Oct 1667,  Pierre Tetu, at Quebec.

Javelot, Anne, m. 24 Jan 1667, Leboeuf, Jacques at Quebec.

Montreal Area

Barton, Francoise-Marthe, m. 7 Oct 1670, Joseph Chevalier.

Damise, Claude, m. 10 Dec 1668, Pierre Perthuis dit Lalime, at Montreal, (While married, she had an illegitimate son, Andre, b. 3 Mar 1676 at Pte-Aux-Trembles, Montreal.  Father was Jean Paradis). Pierre was a Carignan soldier.

Delestra, Anne, m. 1673/1674, Francois Cesar dit La Gardelette, at Richeleau

Hanneton, Madeleine, m. 6 Jan 1669, Joachim Reguineau, at Boucherville

Petit, Jeanne, m. 31 Oct 1672, François Séguin dit Ladéroute, at Boucherville. Francoise was a Carigan soldier.

Paulo, Catherine, m. 26 Nov 1663, Etienne Campeau, Montreal.

Pedenelle, Francoise, m. 2 Jun 1670, Maurice Arrive,at Ste Famille, I.O.

Phillipeau, Nicole, m. 1671, Mathurin Gauthier dit Landreville.