Friday, July 20, 2012

Pierre Guillet dit Lajeunesse

June's 8th great grandmother and grandfather.

Nom : Guillet, Pierre. Indications biographiques : (?-1695) Il est dit originaire de La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime). Il épouse Jeanne Saint-Père en 1648 à Trois-Rivières. Il est l'un des 14 premiers colons de Trois-Rivières, choisis par le Père Buteux, en 1649. (Fournier, Rodolphe, 1978 ; Cournoyer, Jean, 2001)

Nom : Saint-Père, Jeanne , Indications biographiques : (1627- 1669) Née à Saint-Jean-d'Angély et baptisée dans l'église Saint-Jean-Baptiste en 1627. Elle s'embarque en 1642 pour la Nouvelle-France avec sa mère, Marie-Madeleine Couteau (ou Coustaud), et sa soeur Catherine. Elle épouse Pierre Guillet, frère de Mathurin Guillet (mari de sa soeur) en 1648 à Trois-Rivière. Elle décède en 1669.(Fournier, Marcel, 2001; Cournoyer, Jean, 2001; Pasquier, 1999)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marriageable Women

Most of us are familiar with the story of the King's Daughters or Fille Du Roi; the state sponsored program that brought almost 800 single women to Quebec in the early days of the French settlement, but what is not so well known is the story of the Fille a Marier. Between 1634 and 1662; 262 young ladies braved the elements to begin an uncertain future in the backwoods of Canada.

The following are eleven of June's ancestors.

Trois Rivieres Area

Gillette Banne (Heroine or Cold-Blooded Murderer?) was born about 1636 in Argences, Caen, Bayeux, Normandy, France; the daughter of Marin Banne and Isabelle Boire. She arrived in the Quebec colony about 1649 as a fille a marier contracted to Marin Chauvin. Marin was born about 1620 in Mesny, St. Mard, Reno, Tourouvre, France. He had signed a contract on March 8, 1648 in Tourouvre, to be engaged as a labourer in New France for Noel Juchereau. The term of the contract was for three years at annual salary of 40 livres. Gillette and Marin were wed soon after her arrival and a daughter, Marie, was born in September of 1650. Gillette was executed on 9 Jun 1672 with her second husband Jacques Bertault.

Catherine Forestier, fille a marier, born about 1634 in La Rochelle, Aunis, France; died March 31, 1694 in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada; married Jacques Menard-dit-Lafontaine November 19, 1657 in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada.

Jeanne Mechin was born about 1631 in La Rochelle, Aunis, Charente-Maritime, France; the daughter of Jean Mechin and Suzanne Larose. She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a filles a marier, contracted to be the bride of Guillaume Pepin. They were married in 1645 at Trois-Rivieres. Guillaume was born in 1607 at St. Laurent, Baviere, Xaintes, Saintonge, France; the son of Pierre Pepin and Francoise Prieur; and was the Judge at Trois-Rivieres. He and Jeanne would had thirteen children. Jeanne died on November 30, 1680 and Guillaume followed on August 12, 1697.

Quebec Area

Anne De Launay was born on 10 July, 1635 and baptized in the Calvinist Temple in La Rochelle, France. She arrived in the colony as a Filles a Marier, contracted to be the bride of Pierre Arnaud Maillou Desmoulins. The wedding took place on 23 October, 1661 at Ville De Quebec. Pierre was born about 1631 in St. Pierre de Brie-sous-Matha, Bours, Brie, France; the son of Jacques Maillou and Suzanne Arnaud. He and Anne would have eight children before his death on 11 June, 1699 at Ville De Quebec. Anne followed on 12 December, 1700.

Marie-Suzanne Pere (1624-1684) was born about 1624 in Ortez, Pau, Bearn, Pyrenees-Atlantiques, France; the daughter of Guillaume Pere and Marie Dartoys. She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles A Marier, contracted to be the bride of Thierrry Delestre. They were married November 09, 1656 in Ville De Quebec. Thierry was born about 1618 in Avesnes-sur-Helpe, Hainaut, Nord, France; the son of Jacques Delestre and Marie Honois. He and Marie-Suzanne would have one child before her death on June 26, 1684 in Hotel Dieu. Thierry followed soon after on July 02, 1684. Marie-Anne Delestre - Was born on November 26, 1656 in Ville De Quebec and died on January 02, 1685 in Boucherville. She married Francois-Jacques Cesar and the couple had seven children.

Suzanne Jarel was born 1642 in St Martin, Larochelle, Iiede Re, France, and died 15 Dec 1687 in Ste Famille, Ile Dorleans, Quebec, Canada. She married Francois Dupont on 07 Jun 1663 in Chateau Richer, La Visitation, Quebec, Canada.

Montreal Area

Marie-Madeleine FRANÇOIS (or LeFrançois) was from Metz, Lorraine. Her father, Isaac François, was deceased when his daughter arrived in Canada in the summer of 1654. He had been the Captain of a Light Cavalry unit in France. First mention of Marie-Madeleine in Canada is 11-16-1654 at her marriage contract to Guillaume Thibault. She was not able to sign her name. In January 1655, they were married in Québec. She was about 20 and he was about 37. At Marie-Madeleine François' marriage to Guillaume Thibault, she brought with her a dowry of 400 livres (pounds). She chose for her husband, a baker and a tailor who was the son of bourgeois parents from Rouen, Normandy. He was able to sign his name, therefore had some education. Guillaume Thibault had first arrived unmarried in Canada in 1638, then he returned to France probably in 1639 where he lived until 1643. In April of that year, he signed a contract for three years at La Rochelle before Notary Teuleron for a pay of 100 livres a year with 60 livres given in advance. According to the contract, he was living in LaRochelle and working worked as a baker. From this, it can be determined that Marie-Madeleine's dowry of 400 livres was an attractive sum of money. In 1650, Thibault was established in Chateau-Richer in the county of Montmorency. In December of that year, Olivier Letardif conceded land to Guillaume Thibault at Chateau Richer. Olivier Letardif was one of the sponsors of the 1643 voyage to Canada where many recruits had signed on. Letardif (or Tardif) was the manager of the company store for the Company of 100 Associates in Québec. The 1666 census picked the family up as living in the Québec area. Thibault had in his employ a recruit named Robert Vaillancourt, a 23-year old coppersmith. The census of 1667 showed that he owned 5 head of cattle and 15 arpents (acres) of land being farmed. In February 1682, Thibault purchased the property of Simon Guyon who had recently died for the sum of 2000 livres (pounds). Guillaume Thibault died at Chateau-Richer 8-21-1686 at the age of 64. On the 28th of April 1695, his estate worth 1175 livres were distributed to his children. Marie-Madeleine François had a second marriage to François Fafard, a widower, in 1696.

Renée LOPPÉ arrived in Canada in 1658.  She married Jean Valiquet 23 September, 1658, at which time she was about 15 years old. Jean Valiquet, the son of a notary and a lawyer, was able to sign his name. Valiquet and his cousin, Mathurin Langevin belonged to the syndicate of Montréal Habitants (Settlers) called Habitants de Montréal recruited by M. de la Dauversière. Valiquet was a 21-year-old bachelor at the time. He had arrived in Montréal as part of la Grande recrue de 1653. Valiquet contracted to remain in the country 5 years. He was a gunsmith, locksmith, roofer farmer and land clearer.  He signed on to the venture as a militiaman. In 1663, Valiquet was a corporal of the militia in the Ste. Famille Militia created by Maisonneuve in 1663. He was considered one of the most courageous defenders of Montréal.

Marguerite Maclin was born on January 01, 1648 in the Parish of Notre Dame de Sezanne, Brie, Chalon, Marne, France; the daughter of Jean Maclin and Suzanne Larose. She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles A Marier, contracted to be the bride of Jean (Sicot) Chiquot. They were married October 23, 1662 in Montreal. Jean was born in 1631 at Dolus, Ile-d'Oleron, Aunis, France. He and Marguerite would have two children before his death on June 08, 1667. After her first husband's death, Marguerite married Nicolas Boyer on August 18, 1667 in Montreal. Nicolas was born on September 29, 1637 in the Parish of Notre-Dame de Cogne, La Rochelle, Aunis, France; the son of Etienne Boyer and Perrine Peinbaut. He and Marguerite would have ten children. Nicolas died on May 24, 1714 in Montreal and Marguerite followed on June 20, 1733.

Marie Pontonnier was baptized 22 January 1643 in the parish of Saint-Vincent in Le Lude, Anjou, the daughter of Urbain Pontonnier and Félicité Jamin. She was related to Jean Valiquet, who married Renée Loppé. After the death of her father, Marie came to Canada in 1656, at age 13. On 6 May 1657, notary Saint-Père drew up a marriage contract between Marie and Pierre Gadois. They were married in Montréal 12 October 1657. After a three-year waiting period imposed by canon law, Marie and Pierre's marriage was annulled by Bishop Laval on 30 August 1660, "because of permanent impotence caused by an evil spell." Less than a month after the annulment, on 08 October, notary Basset drew up a marriage contract between Marie and Pierre Martin dit La Rivière in his Montréal study. The two were married 03 November 1660 in the church of Notre-Dame de Montréal. Tragically, only four months after her second marriage, Marie became a widow at the age of 18 when Pierre was killed in an Iroquois ambush on 24 March 1661. On 5 December 1661, Marie married Honoré Langlois dit Lachapelle et Croustille. A hat maker, Honoré was born about 1632 in Paris, the son of Jean Langlois and Jacquette Charpentier. He is noted at Montréal as early as 03 July 1659. Honoré and Marie had ten children, disproving her "impotence" The family moved to Pointe-aux-Trembles in or before 1681. Pierre died at Pointe-aux-Trembles on 12 Dec 1709. Marie was buried there on 7 January 1718.

Jeanne Voidy was born about 1637 at St-Germain du Val, La Fleche, Anjou, France; the daughter of Michel Voidy and Catherine Dorbelle. She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles a Marier, contracted to be the bride of Jean (Dumay) Demers. They were wed November 09, 1654 in Montreal. Jean was born in 1627 at St-Jacques-de-Dieppe, Rouen, Normandy, France; the son of Jean Demers Senior and Barbe Mauger. He and Jeanne would have eight children before his death on July 03, 1708 at Ville De Quebec. Jeanne followed on December 01, 1708.