Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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Amount of Shared DNA, 106 centimorgans shared across 6 DNA segments 
Regions: Great Britain, Ireland, Finland/Northwest Russia, Scandinavia
Trace Regions: Europe East, Europe West, Iberian Peninsula, Italy/Greece

Oct 02, 2016
It would appear that your GG mother Jane Harvey and my GG father Robert Harvey were siblings. My wife June and I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Regards jimhueglin@gmail.com

Oct 04, 2016
Hello Jim, Yes it does appear that our GG parents were siblings. When did your family move to Canada. It seems to me that Jane moved to the Shetlands after her husband died to live with her daughter Margaret my Grandmother. My dad came to Australia in 1924 after the last of his siblings died of TB. We have always been curious of any Spanish connection on that side of the family. Can you enlighten us at all? Regards lynmullay@hotmail.com

My GG father Robert followed his older brother David to Canada and settled in the Stratford, Perth, Ontario area. In 1874 he (30) married Janet Mather (25) whose family had come from the Channel Islands by way of Valcartier, Quebec. They had four children before they went West to Emerson, Alberta sometime after 1879. They had one more child before he died in 1883. Janet then moved the family back to the Stratford area where she worked as a washerwoman to support her family. It never ceases to amaze me how we came to be who and where we are.

Regards, Jim

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